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Each name print is one-of-a-kind:
a different combination of animals is used every time.

Let us know if there is a colour scheme you want us to use for the letters.

Print size: 11"x14"
Print only: $50.00 for names up to four letters long;
$5 for each additional letter
With matte & frame: Add $40.00
For plexiglass
in frame
if being
Add $25.00
To place an order, contact me at
> Animalbetized Single Letters
> Animalbetized Placemats
Animalbetized 'Emily' Name Print
(Price: $55.00)

Animalbetized Emily Name Print

E -- ermine, eel, elephant
M -- mole, meerkats, moose
I -- iguana, inchworm, ibis
L -- ladybug, lizard, leopard
Y -- Yorkshire terrier, yellow jacket, yak
Framed Animalbetized 'Gabriela' Name Print
(Price: $70 for print plus $40 for frame)

Animalbetized Gabriela Name Print

G -- goat, groundhog, gecko, giraffe
A -- armadillo, ant, alligator
B -- bat, beaver, bee, bear
R -- rabbit, raccoon, rhino
I -- inchworms, iguana
E -- eel, echidna, elephant
L -- lemmings, lobster, lion
A -- antelope, aardvark, ape
Custom orders and special requests accepted -- pricing to be determined.
Prices do not include HST.
Shipping and handling additional.
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